10 Ultimate Exercises For Weight Loss and Fat Burning

10 Ultimate Exercises For Weight Loss and Fat Burning

Loosing weight means burning more calories than you consume. Exercises help you to burn your fat successfully. We are all very well know that exercise is very essential to maintain a good health and to over come from different health problems. If you increase your exercise your rate of metabolism also increases which helps you to reduce your weight.  Doing exercises not only burn your excess fat but also builds your body. Here are some of the excellent exercises to reduce your weight to stay slim and smart.

1. Push-Ups

Push ups are very easy exercise to do, there is no need to go to gym to do this exercise. Push up’s can be done anywhere anytime. Push up is the basic exercise can do by placing your hands on ground side below your shoulders, while keeping your body in a straight position then slowing lower your chest by bending your elbow and pushing back into earlier position. You can also place your knees on ground and make it more convenient for you to do this exercise.

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