7 Amazing ways to Easy lose weight from walking

7 Amazing ways to Easy lose weight from walking

Not a fan of running? Gym membership no longer an option? We’re here to show you seven wonderful ways your daily walk can help whittle away your waistline. Time to lace up those trainers for a walking workout…

1. Instead, buddy-up

If you’re ditching the digital motivation, try replacing with a gym-buddy. It’s the social encouragement and positive feedback that comes from using a tracker that helps to create long lasting behaviour change, rather than the data alone. University of Aberdeen researchers also found enlisting the help of a gym buddy increased the amount of exercise participants took.

Pro tip:

Start a walking WhatsApp group to spur one another on to increase the number of steps you take. Set step goals, exchange walking pics (scenic as well as selfies)… Creating your own supportive and motivational exercise community will be rewarding on many levels.

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