7 Amazing ways to Easy lose weight from walking

4. Take the stairs

Including as many flights of stairs into your daily routine is a must if whittling waistline is one of your goals. Just over 10 minutes a day of climbing the stairs will burn off that mid-afternoon chocolate bar*!

And when it comes to your heart health, pace doesn’t matter – new research has found that sprinting up the stairs will do the same as opting for a slower pace. So you can mix and match your pace, depending on how you feel.

And there’s more; you’ll be giving your brain a boost every time you ditch the lift, too. Researchers at Concordia University found the brain age can decreases by 0.58 years from daily stair-climbing!.

Pro tips:

  • Taking stairs two-at-a-time will help to work the butt and thigh muscles.
  • Keep good posture while climbing. If you feel your form is flagging, don’t hesitate to use the handrail.

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