8 Amazing exercises for a strong and relief your back pain

4. Lat pulldown: Undoubtedly the machine to use if you’re in pursuit of a beautiful back, the lat pulldown is a must-visit next time you hit the gym floor.

Ensure before you start the thigh pads are adjusted so knees are at right angles and feet are touching the ground. With hands holding the bar just over shoulder width apart, pull the bar down in front of you, stopping at the top of your chest. Slowly return to your starting position by straightening your arms. Do 20 reps.

No access to a lat pulldown? Try a row with a resistance band (wrap a band or tube around an un-moveable surface. From a seated position, hold one end of the band in each hand and, keeping elbows close to sides, pull the band towards you squeezing shoulder blades together. Do 20 reps).

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