8 Amazing exercises for a strong and relief your back pain

5. Deadlift: The deadlift is a must-do for maintaining a strong and healthy back.

Stand with feet hip width apart holding a weight in each hand in front of thighs, with a slight bend in your knees. Keeping your back straight, hinge forward from the hips and until torso’s nearly parallel to the floor, keeping the core engaged (brace the abs; maintain a straight back) throughout. Straighten and repeat. Do 15 reps.

6. Pullover: This traditional exercise works multiple upper body muscles – not just your back, but your chest gets involved too. Performed correctly, it’s a must-do.

Lie on your back on a raised surface (such as a flat bench) with feet flat on the floor. Extend arms above chest and, maintaining a slight bend in the elbow, slowly lower the weights back towards the ground behind you, stopping just behind your head. Return to your start position and repeat. Do 20 pullovers.

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