Amazing Electric Cars 2017 UK: The 5 Amazing  EVs on The Road Right Now: AUTOS

3 Tesla Model X

With all the hype around the more affordable Model 3, it’s very easy to forget all about the Tesla Model X – but you really shouldn’t. Simply put, the Model X could be the ultimate electric car and combines sports car-like performance with all the storage and practicality of a real, full-sized SUV. It’s hard to look past those amazing falcon-wing doors, but the rest of the Model X features incredible design, too. Whether it’s the extended windscreen or car’s Autopilot mode, the Tesla Model X could be the best electric SUV – until the i-Pace that is, anyway. 

The main draw of the Tesla Model X is that it doesn’t look or feel like an electric car. Tesla has gone to great lengths to make it rival sports cars from “traditional” manufacturers and in a recent drag race with a Lamborghini Aventador, the Tesla won by 0.05 seconds. It also broke the world record for being the fastest SUV.

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