Top 10 Amazing Essential WhatsApp Tips And Tricks

9.Status Conscious


 the ability to expand their status updates beyond text. Photos, GIFs, and videos that disappear in 24 hours can now be shared with contacts.

First you’re going to want to control who sees your status update. Open WhatsApp and tap the Status icon in the bottom tray, then select Privacy. You’ll be able to choose between your contacts, your contacts with the exception of some chosen people, and just contacts that you hand select.

Now to use the feature. Tap Status > My Status. It will open to the camera feature where you can take a photo or record a video. Or you can select the photo icon, where you will see your library of photos that you can select from. Also, at the bottom of that screen you will be able to tap GIF to search Giphy. Then just tap the send icon and whoever you chose to see your status will receive it.