Top 10 Amazing New iPad Exclusive iOS 11 Features iPhone :IOS

7.Key Flicks on QuickType Keyboard

One of the interesting new features added to the stock keyboard in iOS 11 is Key Flicks. Normally, when you want to enter a special character (or numbers) on your iPad, you’d have to press the 123 key to switch the keyboard mode and view all the special characters, numbers, symbols and other extra keys.

Key Flicks in iOS 11 makes it much easier to enter all those extra characters on your iPad without having to switch the keyboard. Using it is pretty simple.

  1. When you open the keyboard in iOS 11, you’ll notice that all the keys are associated with grayed-out numbers and symbols above them.
  2. To enter any one of them, simply swipe down on the corresponding key and the associated character will be entered. It’s as simple as this.

This new feature is a big time-saver for those of us who type a lot on the iPad. It’s also one of my personal favorite features of iOS 11 on iPad.

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