Top 10 Amazing Plants Milagro In the World

2.Pando – The Trembling Gian


These are a massive colony of single quaking aspen trees spread over more than 100 acres in Utah, USA. Every tree in this network stems from one single organism and therefore shares the its root structure.

It is the heaviest living organism in the world, weighing 6,615 tonnes.

3.Ageratina Altissima – White Snakeroot

This plant is not necessarily amazing in its nature, but more amazing in how poisonous and toxic it is to humans. Native to North America, it’s often said that it affected many Europeans who landed in America in the early 19th century who were unfamiliar to the plant. The difficulties are compounded by the fact that if goats, sheep or cows eat the plant their milk becomes toxic – affecting humans who drink it.