Top 10 Amazing Plants Milagro In the World

4.Codariocalyx Motorius – The Semaphore Plant

This plant is amazing because it is one of only a small number which is a capable of autonomous rapid movement. As a strategy to maximise its contact with the sun, the plant will move its leaves in accordance with the light and prevailing conditions. The bigger leaves are directed by smaller leaves which are used to ‘sample’ the light at any given time.

5.Ricinus Communis – The Castor Oil Plant


Ricinus Communis is a toxic plant which is the main constituent of castor oil. The castor bean is its seed, from which a variety of substances and toxins are extracted to produced the oil.

Castor Oil beans contain ricin – a toxin which can easily poisin an adult human. The lethal dosage is expected to be only 4 to 8 seeds.

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