Top 10 Amazing Plants Milagro In the World

6.Titan Arum – the Corpse Flower

The Eden Project near St. Austell plays host to what is one of the largest flowers in the world. It is very difficult to get it to flower – taking six years to grow – but this example has now finished growing and is at its full height. It is endemic to Sumatra and Indonesia.

It is called the Corpse Flower because as well as being one of the biggest, it is also one of the smelliest flowers in existance. It is said to smell of a decomposing animal.

7.The Strangler Fig


The Strangler Fig tree is amazing because of the way it has adapted to thrive in dark, cramped forests around the world. The plant will attach itself to a supporting tree and grow around it towards the light. At the same time, its roots will grow down and surround those of the original tree – hence the name ‘Strangler Fig’.